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Published Aug 24, 20
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I attempted to call their consumer service number, and was informed via tape-recording it'll be closed due to "unpredicted circumstances" and they don't understand when it'll open. Lovely. Whatever occurred to pride of made item, or consumer fulfillment? I'm not even trying to handle Sears, which is very little better.

So we received our fourth replacement from Stearns and Foster and decided to change the kind of bed completely. Sears was terrific to work with, they even credited us $890 on the distinction of the upgrade so we paid an extra $300 to go with the lux estate ultra luxurious hybrid bed.

The adjustable base sometimes decreases on it own and smells strange still after 3 months. Odors like hay is the only method I can describe it. However I would advise the lux estate hybrid ultra luxurious bed if you are searching for the softest bed!I would offer absolutely no stars if possible.

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I observed the imprints about a year after purchase. I believed my back and hips were hurting due to exercise, but I believe it's this cheaply made bed. I can't believe they are allowed to stay in business with ripping individuals off. We had a bed prior to this one for about twenty years and no issues.

We now seem like we require to purchase a brand-new mattress due to the fact that of the indentations and sagging triggering us neck and back pain. Will never ever buy another Stearns and Foster. Have this Stearns and Foster high profile for just over a year. 14 mo. to be specific. I weigh approx. 130. Live alone! Stay house 6-8 mo.

This mattress crapped out in about 6 mos.!!! I'm disgusted! 3 grand plus for the Lux! No! I've paid people to turn, after a few weeks I remain in a rut. Just awful. Bought a bed March 2015. The middle is currently sagging. Called the consumer service for Sleep Train. Erica informed me that all claims would be rejected since I did not have a bar with a leg in the middle of my frame.

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With all the bad reviews, on this site alone, I will KEEP AWAY from any Stearns and Foster bed forever !!! The client service was of no aid. On a side note, as I was speaking with the salesman about my issue, somebody else walked in with the same problem. Why Not Try This Out. Think what sort of bed that was??? Stearns and Foster.

Plainly this is the worst mattress we have ever owned. Within a year the bed mattress drooped, though not more than 1 inch. But it resembled sleeping in a wagon wheel rut. Hips, shoulders, back and knees hurt every night. Keep away from this item. We bought our king size bed mattress about 6 months back and 2 months into it there were sagging areas on each side.

I feel cheated and made the most of. Will never ever EVER buy another S&F item. I bought the Stearns & Foster Queen mattress for $1500.00 and within 2 years the middle sagged so bad I had a tough time getting out of bed. I am healthy, regular weight and swim laps regularly, walk and stay active.

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I finally replaced it with a Jamison for half the rate and sleep terrific now. I put the S & F upstairs in the guest room but nobody wants to sleep on it. It will go out on the curb. My Partner and I bought a King Stearns & Foster Mattress/Box Spring from Ashley's Furnishings.

I called Ashley's upset and set up a representative to come out to measure. Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain. 1" in deepest area (after 22 DAYS!) and rep said warranty only changes at 1 1/2". Once again, why must we even need to call a representative after owning a bed mattress for 22 days ?? I read evaluations cautioning me about drooping problems prior to purchasing and I took a possibility that it wouldn't take place to us.

Really disappointing that we changed an excellent bed mattress that we had with this one. I will not be acquiring a S&F again - Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain And Sciatica. I acquired a Stearns and Foster queen size bed and box spring that was promoted by the sales agent as a remarkable bed set that was really firm.

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The normal body imprints you were to expect I check out on the Stearns and Foster site that were gone beyond in the very first 2 months. Best Mattress For Side Sleepers Uk. Updated 12/16/2015 - I acquired a queen Stearns & Foster bed set, and after just a couple of months with just myself sleeping on it, the bed started to droop uncomfortably.

Plus it was determined many hours after I had awaken and was off the bed, whereas any indentation that was there had risen to a perceived regular level. Other. Customer support was unprofessional and unsympathetic when handling me and my issues relating to the purchase of their item and the questioning of their guarantee assessment methods.

Best of luck and happy shopping. I purchased a Stearns and Foster Company Luxury Mattress in March of 2014. I thought I was buying comfort, boy was I incorrect. When awakening in early morning, we discover that our hips are extremely uncomfortable (we are both side sleepers). We also find that we roll to the center of bed.

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Visit was made and craftsmen came out. He said that I did not have a depression of 1 1/2 inches and that there was nothing they might do. I said what about my warranty, he said I did not fall in the standards. I purchased a firm bed not rock hard (Best Mattress For Seniors).

Paid over $2600 for a king-size Stearns & Foster mattress at Sleepy's. Featured a ten years warranty. After 2 years, awful imprint on both sides where we sleep. After trying to use package they send out from Marshall Bed mattress and downloading photos, might refrain from doing. I am a senior and this was very tough. Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain.